Our customers own and operate warehouses, laboratories, schools, universities, technical schools, biotech laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, research laboratories, medical facilities, factories, and other manufacturing operations.

Our experts package chemicals based on properties; utilize appropriate drums for shipping; and add absorbents, such as vermiculite, as appropriate before sealing, labeling, removing, disposing same.

Each step of the lab pack management and disposal process is performed and manifested in strict compliance with applicable local, state, and federal law.

Often facility operators utilize small containers with volume capacities ranging from a few milliliters to upwards of 10 gallons to store their chemicals, solvents, reagents, paints, thinners, dyes, inks, acids, bases, cleaners, strippers, pool chemicals, dry cleaning compounds, chemicals, and lab wastes. Whether these materials are surplus, outdated or otherwise, the law requires that these chemicals be property handled and disposed.

When handling chemicals, solvents, and related wastes with inherent reaction risks, it’s important to work with highly experienced experts to analyze, identify, categorize, and segregate chemicals by classification.

We are the future of evironmentally safe & sustainable b2b disposal